The company is located in the
heart of a motorway system
with easy access to customer’s
sites in the UK.

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Customer Needs and Benefits
We are a modern company with a workforce that shares our vision of being at the forefront of providing a quality service to our customers. At crucial moments customers want a fast service with minimum disturbance and high efficiency to reduce production down time.

We provide a first class service and want to see a partnership develop with customers, based on reliability and mutual understanding of achieving solutions to electrical problems that may affect their business activity.

We also offer a comprehensive design and build facility for electrical control systems as a complementary service to support the general electrical maintenance and installation activities for the industrial and commercial sectors, backed by our 24/7 cover.


G Collier & Sons Ltd
Kitling Road,
Knowsley Business Park
Kirkby, Knowsley,
L34 9JA



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